Thursday, August 18, 2005

#1: Michael Moore: The Seer

Wednesday August 17#1 Michael Moore
Goldberg doesn't really say much about the film maker and author, other than to castigate him for being an "America Basher." Goldberg explains Moore's behavior by noting that Moore's age places him among the middle agers who learned skepticism from the experience of the Vietnam War era.

REAL MICHAEL MOOREMoore is a fifty-one year old, who was barely out of high school when the US pulled out of Vietnam. His most successful works make three points about American society.
1. That American manufacturing was moving overseas, with terrible consequences for the working class, and huge rewards for the executives. (Roger and Me, 1989)
Since Roger and Me, American manufacturing has moved overseas with terrible consequences for the American working class and their communities but huge rewards for the executives.
2.That American gun culture is based on an overall culture of fear, which makes people do things that are more harmful to themselves than the very things they fear. (Bowling for Columbine, 2002)
Since Bowling for Columbine, Ohio, which twice provided the electoral votes to put George W. Bush in the White House, had the single largest number of casualties in any incident in the Iraq war. Bush's victory is widely attributed to his superior standing on the subject of national security in the eyes of American voters.
3. The American war in Iraq was based on false information, destined to fail, and likely to take the lives of many American men and women, all at the instance of a group of men, none of whom have ever been near a war zone in anything but the Presidential helicopter. (Fahrenheit 9/11, 2004)
Since Fahrenheit 9/11, the information about WMD in Iraq has turned out to be false, American casualties are reaching into the thousands, and neither President George W. Bush nor Dick Cheney has yet served in any war. Goldberg 77 wonders what Moore will predict next. Wish he were managing my investments.
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