Friday, August 19, 2005

#3 Senator Edward ("Ted") Kennedy

Kennedy is screwing America, according to Bernard Goldberg, because he is treated as the liberal concscience of the Democratic Party and yet opposed the war in Iraq and, thirty-six years ago, was involved in a fatal auto accident with a single woman.
Senator Edward Kennedy has been in the United States Senate for more than forty years. Since 1994, his party has been essentially out of power there. He has held mostly liberal positions within the Democratic Party, as portions of the Party have tried to draw it to a more conservative position. From this position of double disempowerment, he is regarded as a relatively effective Senator, in part because his staff is supposed to be the best in Congress, although he has yet to see most of his cherished positions, such as alternative energy programs and liberal immigration policies, enacted into law. When he tried to work with the Bush Administration, he was partially responsible for the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act, although his professed achievement turned sour within one month, when he found out how underfunded it was to be.
In a recent poll, over sixty percent of Americans were found to oppose the Iraq war, so if opposition is the equivalent of screwing America, Goldberg's list is going to have to get a lot longer soon.
The auto accident scandal seems more like a private screwing than a national one, but, if private wrongdoing toward women is a criterion, it is puzzling that the BTK killer in Kansas did not make Goldberg's list. And of course as to sexual misconduct, Don Livingston, Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich.


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