Saturday, August 20, 2005

#4 Reverend Jesse Jackson

Goldberg describes Jesse Jackson as screwing up America, because he blames other people for African-Americans'problems. Jackson seems to be one of several people targeted by Goldberg because they weren't as good as his recollections of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Goldberg Screwup #77 notes in passing that conservatives almost always reserve their admiration for liberals to distant heroes who could not possibly make social change during present lives. In the Fifties, conservatives, critical of King, doubtless found much to admire in George Washington Carver.)In any event,

Jackson has been the target of so much scrutiny, including a lot of scrutiny from questionable sources, that Goldberg Screwup 77 is reluctant to participate in the process, even by restating the controversy. She will try to stick to publicly verifiable facts.
Jackson, in his Sixties, is a minister, civil rights activist, and former candidate for President in 1984 and 1988 (in the Democratic Party). Here is the platform on which he ran for President:
creating a WPA-style program to rebuild America's infrastructure and provide jobs to all Americans,
reprioritizing the War on Drugs to focus less on mandatory minimum sentences for drug users (which he views as racially-biased) and more on harsher punishments for money-laundering bankers and others who are part of the "supply" end of "supply and demand,"
reversing Reaganomics-inspired tax cuts for the richest ten percent of Americans and using the money to finance social welfare programs,
cutting the budget of the Department of Defense by as much as fifteen percent over the course of his administration,
declaring Apartheid-era South Africa to be a rogue nation,
instituting an immediate nuclear freeze and beginning unilateral disarmament negotiations with the Soviet Union,
creating a single-payer system of universal health care,
ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment,
increasing federal funding for lower-level public education and providing free community college to all,
applying more strict enforcement of the Voting Rights Act, and
supporting the formation of a Palestinian state.

After Jackson's long campaign against Anheuser Busch for not having black beer distributorships, in 1998, two of his sons purchased the Anheuser Busch distributorship in River North, Chicago. More recently, Jackson participated in challenging the electoral outcomes in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004. Married and with several children of his marriage, Jackson has admitted to fathering a child with a woman not his wife. Most recently, Jackson participated in the events surrounding the Terry Shiavo case, on behalf of the parents, seeking to continue treatment.


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