Tuesday, August 23, 2005

#7 Margaret Marshall

Margaret Marshall is Chief Judge of the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Although she has written and participated in many opinions in her years on the Court, the only thing that matters, according to Bernard Goldberg, is that she was the author of the opinion that struck down the Massachusetts law against gay marriage. None of the other three Justices who made up the four Justice majority are listed in Goldberg's book.

THE REAL MARGARET MARSHALL came to the Massachusetts Court after a stint as general counsel for Harvard University and a partnership in the old Boston firm of Choate, Hall and Stewart.She has a master's degree from Harvard and a law degree from Yale. Before the opinion in the gay marriage case, the described herself as having lived through two revolutions already: the abolition of apartheid in her native South Africa and the American feminist movement. Then Harvard President Neil Rudenstine describes her most consistent trait as a concern for individual rights. Goldberg 77 assumes that it is not Marshall's brilliant education, her world of admiring friends and family, or her uniform plaudits from prior employers that earned Bernard Goldberg's condemnation.

Rather it is simply that she stands for the issue of the individual rights of gay individuals. On that subject, gentle reader, Goldberg 77 leaves you to your own moral conscience, as she did on the content of Jesse Jackson's Presidential platform and the public policies of Senator Edward Kennedy. She would simply note that when a liberal like Margaret Marshall has an impeccable personal life, Goldberg attacks them for their public positions. When a liberal has a controversial private life, Goldberg attacks them for their PRIVATE positions. No wonder the only liberals he admires are safely entombed in the cold, cold grave.


Blogger Albion said...

This blog makes me happy to be a Brandeis employee.

A friend who teaches lit. at Yale said upon reading it: "I want to be her when I grow up."

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