Friday, August 26, 2005

#8 Paul Krugman

Goldberg calls Paul Krugman "the most ideologically left-wing columnist on the Times' op-ed page." Surveying the rich trove of Krugman's twice weekly columns and dozens of published books on economics and economic politics, Goldberg can find only one instance of how Krugman is screwing up America: On May 11, Krugman compared the Abu Ghraib Prison scandal to the My Lai massacre, because both scandals had been exposed in part by long time journalist Seymour Hersh. Goldberg does try to draw a larger lesson from the one column, concluding that "for Paul Krugman, and for many of his devoted readers who eagerly embrace his warped view of America and its military, this blatant absurdity had become a simple fact."
As an aside, Goldberg also asserts that Krugman is screwing up America, because he is one of a group of "rich kids," like Frank Rich (no pun intended I assume), who wrote for their college newspapers.


Krugman is a Professor of Economics at Princeton. He is the winner of the prestigious Clark medal, awarded biennially to the best young economist under forty. He has written many books, including a classic text on international economics. In his column for The New York Times he has argued forcefully against the Bush economic policy, persuasively making the case that the Bush policy reflects the seamless melding of corporate, class, and political party interests.

In September, 2003, Krugman published a collection of his columns in a bestselling book, The Great Unraveling, arguing that decreasing taxes, maintaining public spending, and fighting a war in Iraq were in the long run unsustainable, and would eventually generate a major economic crisis.

Goldberg did not have to attack Krugman for his youthful prosperity or college journalism, as Krugman has attracted many commentators willing to give him the respect of addressing his actual political and economic positions. Online National Review columnist Donald Luskin, for example, has started a "Krugman Truth Squad," a group of commentators dedicated to debunking Krugman's perceived deceptions, and Lawrence Kudlow and James Cramer have routinely debated Krugman on the real issues of economic facts and forecasts.

It is interesting to note, dear readers, that in attacking Frank Rich and Paul Krugman with this "college rich kids" rhetoric Goldberg is just overtly doing what the conservative thought police do every day -- using code talk to stir class resentment amongst people who would actually benefit from liberal policies against liberals -- words like "coastal" and "elite" and my personal favorite "Barbra Streisand." You may note that such code words are often used on Jews. So the poor people in West Virginia vote for the quintessential plutocrat George Bush and wind up unable to pay for gasoline. That'll show 'em. I guess.

In addition to allegedly writing for his college newspaper, Krugman the adult has also written for The Harvard Business Review, Foreign, Policy, The Economist, Harper's and the Washington Monthly.


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