Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Free the Goldberg 100

I am happy to announce that right wing fulminator Bernard Goldberg chose me as #77 in the 100 People Who Are Screwing America. This is the blog for the people who are screwing America. Each day for 100 days I will post a line or two of what Bernie thinks of one of the 100 and then a paragraph about who they really are.
Charity begins at home:
Although I am not the most famous feminist in America, I am the most "arrogant, smug and condescending," according to Goldberg. My offense? I failed to recognize that brilliantly educated women who could have had the jobs that run the world are better off tending their toddlers. And I said so on Sixty Minutes. Worse than being wrong, I was judgmental. How dare I be judgmental, asked the author of a book that attacks Jimmy Carter for screwing America?
REAL LINDA HIRSHMAN is a retired Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies at Brandeis. In her years there, she consistently earned the highest student ratings of anyone in her Department. Her favorite comment came early in her tenure, when an anonymous student wrote, "I will never think of my life in the same way again." Before taking up philosophy, Hirshman was a lawyer, representing working men and women. She was one of the lawyers who tried the Supreme Court case that still defines the line between the federal government and the states and got her clients a little overtime pay. Recently, her well loved daughter opened her con law book to find the class was studying her mother's case.
TOMORROW: Michael Moore


Blogger jay said...

well just so you know my wife is highly educated--a mechanical engineer who graduated from ga tech and she is very ardent in her choice to stay home and raise our boys--and if you do not accept or recognize that is a signifigant or important choice then are kind of are screwing up america

12:21 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

What a great country we have where a Woman now has equal access to public education and can choose to stay at home or have a career (or both), thanks in large part to feminists.

The right is pretty much running on empty these days, though it is interesting to note they now slander one hundred people at a time instead of one at a time.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Cameron Mulder said...

I know this is basically just a personal blog type thing. But I would like more information about why Goldberg thinks your hurting america.

4:54 PM  
Blogger BigBlackDog said...

I agree with the suggestion that we need to know more about Linda Hirschman before we could evaluate the scope of her influence. She seems to be an obscure figure, given that Google had only 58 hits for her just now -- many of them repetitious.

Steve said that women have equal access to public education. Some relevant and not exactly contradictory facts are that women now receive more than half of bachelors and masters degrees. Those data combine public and private higher education. When any minority group other than men is under-represented in achieving Life's Good Things -- such as college degrees -- we hear cries of discrimination.

Source (so that you don't have to take the word of some anonymous canine on the net): http://www.nbwwcharlotte.org/facts.htm
Women are earning more than half of all bachelors degrees, compared to 43% in 1970. Women earn 57% of the masters degrees and 42% of doctoral degrees. By 2011, it is projected that women will outnumber men in undergraduate and graduate programs by 10.2 million to 7.4 million.


5:16 PM  
Blogger BigBlackDog said...

Sorry, my mistake about her obscurity, but then I hadn't heard of her until today. I spelled her last name wrong. She's Linda Hirshman. Google had 1,120 hits for "Linda Hirshman".

5:20 PM  
Blogger Goldberg Screwup # 77 said...

The interesting question, as I see it, is whether women should be publicly supported by state schools or by charitable tax deductions for donations to private schools, when they are going to take all those degrees and then spend most of their lives staying home with babies. Do people need masters degrees to be effective mothers?

6:47 PM  
Blogger Stockton&Tweed said...

I have to agree with Goldberg. Just last night I was saying to my wife, "you know, if it wasn't for Linda Hirshman, this country would be on the right track." I say, get all the degrees you want but my dinner better be on the table when I come home to the cave from work, dammit!

Goldberg's found out that the right (those on the right that can read) will buy anything if it bashes anyone they perceive as liberal, meaning anyone who doesn't agree with them. He's making money while idiots are buying his trash. Kind of funny, actually.

4:21 AM  
Blogger Goldberg Screwup # 77 said...

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6:46 AM  
Blogger Goldberg Screwup # 77 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:02 AM  
Blogger devolving said...

I wish my daughter had more role models like Hirshman and saw fewer women content to be just home-makers. It isn't ok to be just a home-maker. I'm a man, and I have a fairly good idea of what it takes to do all the house-work etc. due to an unintended two-month unemployed period. There's no way that a human being should be under the impression that taking care of a house and kids is anything close to a full use of their talents and time.

6:22 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Considering few jobs require bachelor's degrees, let alone advanced degrees, it's all pretty irrelevant whether or not women can "choose" to stay home.

The problem is there aren't enough well-paid jobs, period, for any household to be able to have one person stay home.

The last thing we should be doing is pushing people to go to college when we should be supporting more unionization of the jobs that are still left, and also push for a shorter workweek to make more jobs available.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Ahistoricality said...

I just want to thank you in advance for this project you're undertaking: I've been wondering how I could find out more about this list -- and rebut it -- without actually paying good money for it. I love the internet: you can find someone else already doing it and just link!

8:15 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

You left wing bloodsucking liberals absolutely amuse me with your hypocrisy. "Right wingers slander those that don't agree with them." That was the richest comment of all. Hello! "Pot, this is kettle. You're black!"

The most glaring example of hypocrisy from the left has to do with this very topic of women choosing to stay at home. Feminists and liberals have been screaming for decades that a woman has a right to choose. If we have to abide by the law which states a woman has the right to kill her unborn child, then you better believe liberals should also extend that right to choosing to raise those a woman chooses to birth, damnit. You liberal feminazis make me sick. Hirshman, nor any other liberal has the right to tell ANY OF US what path we should choose in this world, especially concerning the raising our OUR OWN children.

8:00 PM  
Blogger no shame to stay at home said...

I think there is a real misunderstanding with what being a stay-at-home mom is. Most of the women I know who are in similar situations as myself (advanced degrees and now staying at home) do not simply clean the house and care for the kids. In the last couple of years I have volunteered at the school, organized a food drive to feed the homeless, done volunteer legislative work for representatives of congress, helped with a walk-a-thon for diabetes, designed websites for non-profit organizations at no charge and the list goes on and on. All this was done while staying at home and being there for my kids. I'd like someone to try and tell me that my kids aren't learning what a woman can do by watching mom. I would not trade places with my husband for anything. I am very fufilled in my choice and it is not about money. If someday my daughter chooses a career, I will be very proud of her. If, however, she chooses to stay-at-home, I will be just as proud.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

"Why do we care what they do? After all, most people aren’t rich and white and heterosexual, and they couldn’t quit working if they wanted to.

We care because what they do is bad for them, is certainly bad for society, and is widely imitated, even by people who never get their weddings in the Times."

The above quote by Ms. Hirschman indicates she thinks she knows how we all should live our lives. She believes that money equals power and women should be the ones to get it all, even if it means marrying down or marrying older/younger. Guess she's never heard of marrying for.....love?

There was nothing about her personal life. I wonder if she's married or has had any children?

8:42 PM  
Blogger so_crates2006 said...

Ms Hirshman is no more screwing America than anyone else. Everyone needs to relax and join the discussion with a little less nastiness. She does offer a serious argument that is worth discussing.

That being said; I disagree with her view of what constitutes a worthy life for a highly educated woman ... and, I beleive, so would Socrates, to whom she refers.

Socrates was not a rich man ... and never considered wealth or education alone or lofty position the stuff of "the good life". The "good life" referred to by Socrates was a life well lived ... a life of good choices ... a life where we leave this world in a better state than when we entered ... a life where we improve our souls. Ms Hirshman would do well to remember that Socrates believed the purpose of our lives was to improve our souls. Success in the business, social or political worlds was nothing compared to the improvement of one's soul.

The argument that says a highly educated woman leaves the world in worse shape if she chooses not to practice in her chosen field is interesting but is not bolstered by denegrating the raising of children which she does repeatedly. This is a weakness in her style.

She also assumes that women who stay home to raise their children are raising sons to run the world and raising daughters to raise sons to rule the world. Tell that to Hillary Clinton's mom or to Condoleeza Rice's. Tell it to the mother of any powerful or sucessful woman. This premise needs proof otherwise it's just Linda shooting off her mouth.

BTW ... Philosophy is the love of wisdom ... not the love of truth. Truth alone is not enough, we must learn how to apply the truth in a way that makes a positive difference ... THAT'S wisdom ... which is some trick, if you can do it.

8:34 PM  
Blogger so_crates2006 said...

Oh, yeah. Just for the record, Bernard Goldberg says he's never voted for a Republican in his life. So if he's a "right wing fulminator" he's doing it from the right wing of the Democrat party. Is there still room in that party for a conservative Democrat?

8:38 PM  
Blogger young_one said...

Okay, I am a FEMALE junior in college right now and am currently pursuing a bachelors degree in both Womens and Gender Studies and English. oh and one more thing...I tend to vote conservative. I have read Goldberg's 100 People who are screwing up America as well as Linda Hirshman's extended essay "Get to Work: A Manifesto For Women of the World". Actually I just finished it last night lol.

I believe highly in looking at each side of things before I make a decision. I dont always just go with the right. I have thought very hard about this very hot topic and have debated it often in my classes at school (yes believe it or not I actually have professors who encourage us to debate issues...not brainwash us with their own view).

Personally, I am a first generation college student in my family. I attend a private school in Virginia. My wedding announcement will never be in the NYT. Im just a good ole Virginia girl with a average middle class American family. But Ive noticed the comments made in class, and Ive seen my friends who graduate and get married, work a while, then have babies and stay at home. I may be young, but Im not oblivious to what is happening.

The TRUTH is that the modern feminist movement was all about women having "the choice" and liberals strived to maintain that a women's choice was a feminist achievement. Yet now it seems to me that since women are now taking the oppourtunity and making the choice everyone throws down a flag?

How does staying at home instead of sacrificing your family and working 80-90 hour work weeks make women any less smart? I did not have a mother who stayed at home. In fact now that my parents are divorced, my mom has to work. She has always told me to get my degree because I cant depend on anyone else but myself. But she often tells me that she wishes she could be around us more, do things with us. I hear her cry sometimes when I pass her room at night becasue she is so stressed out from work and not able to enjoy friendships,date, and most importantly enjoy her children and life.

It sends us the younger generation the idea that working ALL the time will not make us happy. There needs to be a happy medium between family and work. I dont know what needs to happen but im telling all of you from the direct voice of the next generation to graduate; women are leaning towards staying at home rather than killing themselves trying to do everything they want to do and getting to do nothing they want to do.

I want to be a writer, I want to have children. I want a big family of 3 or 4 children with a loving husband and home. I want all of that but from an observer watching and hearing how other women feel and what they are doing, Im not sure I'll ever get what I want. Society just doesnt grasp the concept yet. Its not always about the money.

The sooner the workforce understands this, the better off families will be and the work environment will be.

BTW i think this type of debate is healthy and gives me a sense of faith in our democratic system. thanks guys!! to each their own!!!

8:57 AM  
Blogger young_one said...

oh and one more thing. Ive met the man I will one day marry and when I asked him one day what he wanted for me, he told me he wanted me to do what made me happy. He said whether I worked or whether I stayed at home, he'd support me either way. But he said something that struck me. He said "We are lucky you know. I have a good job. You are a gifted writer. We could make that lifestyle work. But think about women who dont have that option. Who work because they HAVE to, not because they have a choice. Like your mom."

What do you guys think? And what does that mean for educated women?

9:05 AM  

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