Friday, September 02, 2005

Put Your Behind in the Past and Consider New Nominees for the Worst 100

Dear Readers,
Now that you have had a glimpse of the kinds of people the right loves to hate -- Nobel Peace Prize winning Presidents of the United States, lifelong warriors against racism and oppression -- it is time to move on. Starting today with Michael Brown, the Bush Administration director of Federal Emergency Management, I am turning my attention to the present and future of our country with real screwups.

So, Goldberg #77's 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America
#1. Michael Brown, Director, FEMA
need an explanation? Turn on CNN.

Here's the rest of Goldberg's list, for those of you who have been on Mars. Some of them are as obscure as I was before Bernie made me his own and others are well known to you all. Please feel free to comment on anyone who strikes your fancy.
11 Noam Chomsky
12 Dan Rather
13 Andrew Heyward
14 Mary Mapes
15 Ted Rall
16 John Edwards
17 Al Sharpton
18 Al Gore
19 George Soros
20 Howard Dean
21 Judge Roy Moore
22 Michael Newdow
23 The Unknown American Terrorist
24 Lee Bollinger
25 James Kopp
26 Dr. Martin Haskell
27 Paul Begala
28 Julian Bond
29 John Green
30 Latrell Sprewell
31 Maury Povich
32 Jerry Springer
33 Bob Shrum
34 Bill Moyers
35 Jeff Danziger
36 Nancy Hopkins
37 Al Franken
38 Jim McDermott
39 Peter Singer
40 Scott Harshbarger
41 Susan Beresford
42 Gloria Steinem
43 Paul Eibeler
44 Dennis Kozlowski
45 Ken Lay
46 Barbara Walters
47 Maxine Waters
48 Robert Byrd
49 Ingrid Newkirk
50 John Vasconellos
51 Ann Pelo
52 Markos Moulitsas
53 Anna Nicole Smith
54 Neal Shapiro
55 David Westin
56 Diane Sawyer
57 Ted Field
58 Eminem
59 Shirley Franklin
60 Ludacris
61 Michael Savage
62 Howard Stern
63 Amy Richards
64 James Wolcott
65 Oliver Stone
66 David Duke
67 Randall Robinson
68 Katherine Hanson
69 Matt Kunitz
70 Jimmy Swaggart
71 Phil Donahue
72 Ward Churchill
73 Barbara Kingsolver
74 Katha Politt
75 Eric Foner
76 Barbara Foley
77 Linda Hirshman
78 Norman Mailer
79 Harry Belafonte
80 Kitty Kelley
81 Tim Robbins
82 Laurie David
83 The Dumb and Vicious Celebrity
84 The Vicious Celebrity
85 The Dumb Celebrity
86 Chris Ofili
87 Sheldon Hackney
88 Aaron McGruder
89 Jane Smiley
90 Michael Jackson
91 Barbara Streisand
92 Kerri Dunn
93 Richard Timmons
94 Guy Velella
95 Courtney Love
96 Eve Ensler
97 Todd Goldman
98 Sheila Jackson Lee
99 Matthew Lesko
100 Rick and Kathy Hilton


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Blogger CountLurkula said...

Roy Moore high on the list? What's Goldberg got against theocrats? Just curious...

7:59 AM  
Blogger phinky said...

Bob Shrum???
He's 0-8 on presidential campaigns for democrats. He couldn't beat an incompetent, stupid, jerk, poser of a president with an approval rating below 50%. So how is Bob Shrum dangerous to Bernard Goldberg's America?

12:45 PM  
Blogger wj said...

This is my list of heros

6:23 PM  

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